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Our Brands, Our Partner

Our heritage is anchored in delivering innovative travel products that integrate unique award-winning, anti-theft technology. And while we stay true to our core, that 'no one deserves to get ripped off', we continue to evolve both our technology and designs. So not only are our products engineered and tested to thwart thieves and stand up to the rigors of travel, they're simple and stylish enough for everyday use.

ELECOM has been leading the Smartphone, Tablet PC, and AV Accessory markets in Japan for years and it’s now capturing significant following in the global market.


In keeping with this worldwide phenomenon, ELECOM products are now available in the Philippines.  ELECOM develops products with high-level, end-user satisfaction that combines smart designs with cutting   edge technologies for the benefit of the consumers.  

Ultra Light Bags for Carry-On and Everyday Life on Sale in over 30 Countries.  
Carry-on size accepted by over 300 airline companies worldwide.   

THE MUG THAT WON'T FALL OVER. Clever grip-pad design reduces spillage occurrence. Will not tip over if you accidentally knock into it. Lift up straight and it will detach itself quickly and easily. Works on all flat and non-porous surfaces such as desks or tables. Twin-wall insulation keeps beverage hot for longer.     

Swiss+Tech combines genuine Swiss craftsmanship with American innovation to create a compact and easily transportable tool. Key Ring tools are amongst its new categories of patented consumer products that can always be with you whenever you need them.          

Car Trip Conveniences from Phone Holders, Chargers, Leak-proof Litter Baskets and Seat & Cargo Storage.

German brand LOQI collaborates with designers worldwide to bring the most original designs possible.
Aside from our commitment to being eco-friendly and affordable, we want our bags to appeal to people from different ends of the spectrum. As more people use our bags and become eco-warriors in their own little ways, the better it is for our environment.       

At ESPRO, we love to share how great a cup of coffee can be with innovation. So, we invented the Perfect Travel Brewer that delivers a superb coffee press brew anywhere you want it. ESPRO Travel Brewer gives that grit-free cup with ultra-fine filtration and perfect bean extraction system. Thus, your last sip tastes like the first one every time.  The leak-proof, easy to clean vacuum-insulated stainless steel vessel gives lasting warmth.

The Hydrapak story started with a belief that there is a better way to rehydrate. From there, the Reversible Reservoir was born. Since then, its created better hydration solutions for performance-driven people.    

Not all wallets are created the same. There are limits to what leather can do. Given the right resources, time, and skill, those limits can be mastered. Don’t let the youth of Kiko Leather fool you. Like all good things, tanning leather takes time. For Kiko Leather, the time is now.

Sherpani is an authentic brand leading a shift in modern, natural, minimalism that is focused on organic materials and modern trend esthetics; pioneering a new style of luxury, designed for unpretending fashion.   

The Focused Space Brand is the culmination of a career in product and Grismer’s chance to leave a thumbprint on the next generation of style curators. From the gold rush to the electronics movement, there is something that cannot be emulated but rather respected for what the west coast has contributed and what only your culture can bring. His goal is to continue to share and give back to what he has been able to be part of no matter where you are from or are at in your journey.  

Your comfort is greatly affected by your wallet choice. Avoid the daily struggles of the average wallet with Allett’s slim designs and craftsmanship you haven’t seen since the old days.

Whether you’re looking for a way to pass through airport security hassle-free, a way to protect personal information from RFID signals, or a way to make your favorite camping spot more enjoyable, we supply gear for every kind of traveler and outdoors person.

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